Irvine Data Center

In the Heart of Orange County, California

Service, Service, Service!

Millennium Systems takes pride in providing the best customer service humanly possible as well some of the lowest latency rates in the industry. Our 10 Gbps connection allows us to offer the highest speed and most reliable connections available. Our engineers are extremely helpful and knowledgeable going above and beyond to assist. A great combination.

Data Center Facility

Data Center Facility

  • 10 Gbps Dual Fiber Ring Connection
  • Two Powerware Plus 80 KVA Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Diesel Powered Generator Backup For Pro-longed Outages
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Redundant Dedicated 10-Ton Air Conditioning Units
  • FM-200 Fire Suppression System
  • Advanced Security System
  • Staffed 7 Days A Week

Server Colocation

Starting at $175.00/Month

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Dedicated Servers

Starting at $199.00/Month

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VPS/Cloud Servers

Starting at $99.00/Month

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Data Center
24/7 Monitoring
Dedicated Servers
Security Camera

Data Center FAQs

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions, our Sales Team will also gladly address any colocation or dedicated server questions you might have. Contact us now and request a Customized Quote that will best suit your needs.

What makes your services so much better?
Millennium Systems takes pride in providing some of the lowest latency rates in the industry. Our 10 Gbps connection allows us to offer the highest speed and most reliable connections available. We provide the best technical support available and that we are located in the heart of Orange County. No need to drive all the way to LA.
What is latency? Why should it concern me?
Latency is the amount of time it takes to get a response. In other words, when you use your web browser to visit a website, there are 3 factors: 1) Latency of the Routers, 2) Latency of the Server, and 3) Congestion on the connections. Latency plays an important part in two of those three factors. When you request a page, your browser has to generally request 6-10 images to produce that page. Each request needs to get a response from your server. Problems arise when the ISP's routers are too slow to respond because they are too congested or too low-end. This latency adds seconds onto each page's retrieval amounting to a slower overall viewed connection. If you do not have low latency, it will deter many of your potential visitors away from your site.
How much bandwidth/traffic am I allowed per server?
This depends on the package you purchase. The single server colocation or dedicated package allows for 1 TB of allotted bandwidth per month with a burstable transfer rate up to 1 Gbps. The burstable bandwidth allows for amazing performance without the commitment of purchasing a dedicated 1 Gbps data line.
Can I run my own Web Hosting company using your colocation service?
Our clients have the ability to operate whatever internet-based business they choose, as long as it is not illegal. Our clients range from companies just starting up to high-demanding entrepreneurs. Whatever your business, ours is to provide you with our high-speed web hosting services.
How many IP Addresses am I allowed to have?
Millennium Systems will honor all reasonable IP requests from our colocation clients. All IPs must be legally justified with ARIN.
Where is your Sales office located?
Our sales office is located in the same building as our data center in Irvine, California, near the Irvine Spectrum.
What if my server has a problem while it is colocated at your location?
We are available 24/7 for a technician to assist you immediately with technical support or access to the data center.
Can I visit the facility to work on my server myself?
You are more than welcome to come to our facility anytime to work on your server, whether it’s to fix a problem, or to upgrade hardware. We also have our own engineers who will be glad to work on your server at an hourly rate.
It is half way through the month! Will you prorate this month?
Millennium Systems will only bill you for the time your server is colocated in our facility. We will prorate your bill accordingly, from the date your server is placed online to the end of the month.
Is there an engineer onsite 24 hours a day at the facility?
We provide all of our colocation and dedicated server clients with access to our engineers 24/7 should an emergency arise any time of day. Our prime location in Orange County also allows easy and convenient access for our customers. No more fighting traffic to LA only to hunt for a parking spot.
I am building my own server. Can you recommend what I need?
The Millennium Systems support staff will gladly provide you with any server recommendations. Just contact our Sales Department and ask away!